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Oral Surgery and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Oral surgery is commonly required for dental implants, tooth extractions and wisdom teeth issues.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that is done usually when the wisdom tooth is impacted or does not have room to grow, or sometimes just as a preventative measure. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain, infection and damage to the adjacent tooth.

Depending on the complexity of the extraction(s) three types of anesthesia may be used:

  • Local anesthesia - you are awake during the procedure
  • Sedation anesthesia - you are in a state of sleep, but can still be stimulated by touch or sound
  • General anesthesia – you lose consciousness

Recovery time from oral surgery depends on the type of anesthesia used. You will receive a list of instructions regarding your oral care.

Contact us for more information about Oral Surgery and Wisdom Tooth Extraction.


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