Affordable dental insurance plans available

Don’t think that you can afford dental insurance?

Chester Family Dentistry has a private dental insurance plan that offers the benefits of many more expensive plans, at an affordable price.

A full year of coverage includes:

  • Two free cleanings 
  • Three free exams (Comprehensive, Periodic, Limited)
  • One set of x-rays (FMX, Panoramic, 4 Bitewings, 2PAs)
  • Plus, a 15% discount on all treatment plans 

Plan Pricing

Patients are required to pay for a full year when they sign up for a plan.

Single Person Plan

$300 Adult

$150 Child (18 and under)

Family Plan (2 or more patients)

$250 Adult

$125 Child (18 and under)

Save more when you bundle your plan for multiple family members: For example, for a family of four with two children under the age of 18, coverage for the entire family under the Single Person Plan is $900 per year. With the Family Plan, the same coverage is $750 per year.
Your family’s dental health is our priority. Contact us today at (804)-748-0101 to learn more!